We were thrilled to have Brandi Richard Thompson featured in Byrdie! Thanks to Michele Koury for the opportunity to be featured alongside other amazing coaches. Check out the full article.

5 Personal Development Coaches on How Sharing Knowledge Can Be HealingExchanging knowledge with your community is a form of self-care.

Many people took up personal development—new hobbies, habits, or areas of study—due to the stress of the pandemic lockdown. As a psychotherapist, I viewed this phenomenon as an indication of coping and resilience. Perhaps more than ever, social media proved to be a place where people could find things to do or learn.

Then I realized: every one of us is knowledgeable about something, large or small. Do you have a passion for creative expression? Is there some handiwork you’ve mastered? Teach your friends.

Brandi Richard Thompson, operation growth coach at Operation Growth Institute

What made you decide to build your own course?

What is your favorite module or aspect of your course?

I love the part of the course that helps Black women address “daddy issues,” which impact how we engage in our personal and professional relationships with men. Some other great modules include: My Body Is A Sacred Temple, The History of Black Women, Generational Healing, My Black is Beautiful, Ain’t I A Woman, and I Found My Magic.

How has being a coach enhanced your own sense of well-being?

Helping others has a way of helping you. We teach what we most need to learn. Through teaching, coaching, and mentoring Black women, I grow as a Black woman.




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