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Operation Growth

Operation Growth is designed to help women on the cusp of greatness, navigate to their personal next level.

Through her authentic account of the struggles and triumphs of a single black woman, leader, and mom, Brandi has woven together a hero’s story of how to navigate to your personal next level.

You don’t have to see it or know exactly what it is, because perfection is not necessary. Grit and tenacity absolutely are. Operation Growth is about determination and identification of your divine destiny.

Are you a mother, entrepreneur, professional, climber, victim, or dreamer climbing toward the absolute best version of you? Then this book is for you.

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About the Author

Brandi Richard is a mother, innovator, entrepreneur, and advocate. Throughout her life stages, she used adversity to grow and develop into a new iteration of herself. She transitioned from preppy student leader, to young military wife, to hip vegan tree-hugger. From there she grew into a hard-working single mom with vision and purpose for herself and her daughter, showing no fear of the struggle she was facing. Through every challenge she continued to grow, becoming a hard-working entrepreneur with an established career and noted leader, with a brilliant daughter.

Brandi is also an author and talk show host. She is known as the Operation Growth Coach and masterfully guides her guests to discover and share insights into their personal growth. Her book, Operation Growth: an extraordinary journey of maturity, motherhood, and black girl magic, describes how she turned traumatic life experiences into growth in her life. Operation Growth is available here by clicking the button on the book image. It’s also available electronically for Kindle and in hardback and paperback form via, and everywhere books are sold.

Rave Reviews

Testimonial 1

“Brandi’s growth journey is full of humor, heartbreak and love. She fits valuable lessons in each chapter as we witness her mistakes, bumps and bruises. I love the reflections about her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Perfect for young people just starting to reflect on choices and those like me who will relate to Brandi’s story. I suspect that she will be much sought after on the speaker circuit.”

Testimonial 2

“A personal memoir that shows the highs and lows in one woman’s life, and the lessons she’s learned, to share with the reader, and to share with the future.”

Testimonial 3

“She is an awesome person, mother, daughter, hard worker and has such a story to tell if you are looking for some #blackgirlmagic inspiration, or just a good read…this is the book for you #OperationGrowth”

Testimonial 4

“I finally finished Operation Growth and I just want to thank you for being so transparent and challenging me to change my story and that changes it for my family. I pray God’s blessings upon You and your family.”

Have the courage to live the life of your dreams.

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